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July 31, 2012

sinking Colosseum

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the expert blames traffic and subways — how will they redirect a subway?


June 24, 2012

Roman Numerals

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It’s a little slow around here in the summer, but the LatinTeach listserv has been hopping with lots of discussions. The one that particularly caught my eye was on Roman numerals, and especially this video, based on “The Origin of the Latin Numerals 1-1000” by Paul Keyser in the American Journal of Archaeology (Oct., 1988). At eight minutes, it isn’t too long, and packs in a lot of information about the representation of numeric ideas (leaving out zero, of course!).

Are there other videos that are worth sharing here? Leave a link in the comments!

May 15, 2010

Fra Iacobus

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Any other links out there like this? I loved this as a student back when.

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