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July 18, 2011

standards of two sorts

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Especially for our colleagues at the collegiate level, although of interest to all: Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation. Lots of bullet points in this one, centering on content knowledge (language, history, culture), pedagogical training, and continuing professional development (further classes, but also community outreach, clubs, and organizations).

For all teachers of Classical Languages: Standards for Classical Language Learning. Never hurts to review the 5 Cs: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, Communities.

via the LatinTeach listserv


April 5, 2010

Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation

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ACL-APA Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation are now available on the ACL website.

Complimentary hard copies are available for order.

From Ronnie Ancona (APA Vice President for Education) (via the Latinteach listserv):

This is a valuable document for anyone teaching, planning to teach, or training those to teach Latin. It was written by a joint task force from ACL and APA. There will be a Plenary Session on the Standards at the ACL Institute this summer. We hope to also have a session on them at APA in San Antonio.

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