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February 18, 2013

Latin in the News — and the reporter who got the scoop!

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Tip of the Hat to Nathalie Roy (Episcopal, BR) for this link to the story from Memoria Press.

When Pope Benedict XVI recently abdicated the papacy, he did it in a speech that was supposed to be about the canonization of three saints. But all of a sudden, he began almost whispering in Latin. Giovanna Chirri, the Vatican reporter for ANSA, the leading news wire service in Italy, was covering the regularly scheduled speech. She immediately realized what the Pope was saying. She knew Latin. She quickly called Vatican spokesman Frederico Lombardi to confirm what she thought she had heard: that Benedict was going to do something that no pope had done for 717 years: voluntarily step down from his office.

Video of the Pope’s speech via the Vatican’s video website, Radio Vaticana

Text transcript of Pope Benedict’s speech via the Vatican‘s website


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