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March 18, 2012

CAMWS is coming…

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Who’s in?

Baton Rouge in 2012!



September 13, 2010

LCA Organizational Meeting in October

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from Albert Watanabe, Secretary-Treasurer of Louisiana Classical Association (LSU)

LCA Organizational Meeting, October 30, 2010, 10-12 a.m., LSU, 324 Hodges Hall. (Lunch at Chimes following the meeting). Directions to Hodges will be sent closer to the date of the meeting.

In light of recent cuts in Classics programs and faculty in Louisiana, the LCA executive committee has called for an organizational meeting to assess the status of programs across the state, to work out strategies for maintaining programs and to support faculty who have lost positions. Recently at LSU the Latin major has been eliminated and seven instructors were let go. Earlier in the year Centenary College cut its Latin program and one position was lost there. We are calling this meeting to find out about other programs, both college and high school, which may be at risk and about how we can support them. We also want to learn about successful strategies for maintaining programs from those schools which have weathered budget cuts. We also wish to support faculty who have lost their positions. If you are able to help us in this regard, please let us know. I have surveyed faculty here at LSU and they have suggested the following topics for discussion: (1) on-line courses; (2) certification; (3) publicity of Classics to the general public; (4) lecture series (5) financial exigency. Please let us know about other topics that need discussion. Even if you are unable to attend the meeting, please email me about your programs and concerns, especially if your program is at risk.

contact Albert via email: awatan AT lsu DOT edu

or post a comment here!

February 26, 2010

LCA delegation to meet with LFLTA

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Jane Poynter Webb (LSU), head of the ad hoc committee on certification, submits:

LCA Ad Hoc Committee report to the LFLTA Advocacy Committee.

This is the goal LCA seeks:
If an aspiring teacher has a degree in Latin from an accredited institution and has passed the Praxis, both in general knowledge and in Latin, upon completion of a year of teaching under the supervision of and with a positive evaluation by a high school principal, certification should be granted.

This needs to be done presently:
We would like to have the major alternative certification programs add a Latin certificate to their programs, such as the LRCE program. This would assure aspiring teachers of Latin who have attained a degree in the field a route to certification until the Latin Praxis exam has been cleared for that purpose.

Presently LSU offers a degree in Latin Education, as does both ULL and SELU.

*This statement has been sent to Dr. Ruth Smith, ULM, chair of the committee and I am to meet with them in an informal session at the conference (LFLTA) this coming Friday. I’ll send a report following that meeting.
Thanks, Jane

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