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February 26, 2010

LCA delegation to meet with LFLTA

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Jane Poynter Webb (LSU), head of the ad hoc committee on certification, submits:

LCA Ad Hoc Committee report to the LFLTA Advocacy Committee.

This is the goal LCA seeks:
If an aspiring teacher has a degree in Latin from an accredited institution and has passed the Praxis, both in general knowledge and in Latin, upon completion of a year of teaching under the supervision of and with a positive evaluation by a high school principal, certification should be granted.

This needs to be done presently:
We would like to have the major alternative certification programs add a Latin certificate to their programs, such as the LRCE program. This would assure aspiring teachers of Latin who have attained a degree in the field a route to certification until the Latin Praxis exam has been cleared for that purpose.

Presently LSU offers a degree in Latin Education, as does both ULL and SELU.

*This statement has been sent to Dr. Ruth Smith, ULM, chair of the committee and I am to meet with them in an informal session at the conference (LFLTA) this coming Friday. I’ll send a report following that meeting.
Thanks, Jane


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