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June 8, 2012

Teaching Classical Languages V. 3, n. 1 (fall 2011)

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A little slow in the posting, sorry! However, its being old does not diminish its worth (how well we classicists know this). This most recent issue of TCL (where is spring 2012?) features some of our Louisiana colleagues:

    ERIC DUGDALE, “Lingua Latina, lingua mea: Creative Composition in Beginning Latin”
    WILFRED E. MAJOR and BYRON STAYSKAL, “Teaching Greek Verbs: A Manifesto”
    ALBERT WATANABE, “The 2011 College Greek Exam”
    STEPHEN TRZASKOMA, Review Article, “Innovation in Recent Intermediate Greek Textbooks?”

April 22, 2011

Teaching Classical Languages

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A new issue of Teaching Classical Languages is available from CAMWS, and includes a report by Albert Watanabe (LSU) on the results of 2010’s College Greek Exam.  (Does anyone know of a better link for the CGE?)

(via LatinTeach blog)

May 14, 2010

Vates: Journal of New Latin Poetry

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From the Vates website:

What is VATES?

VATES is an occasional publication that aims to bring contemporary Latin poetry to the attention of an English-speaking audience. The purpose of the journal is to promote both the reading and the writing of new Latin verse in an attempt to reverse the decline of Latin poetry composition in the English-speaking world.

Published electronically in pdf format, the journal is sent free of charge to any individual or organisation who wishes to see it. They in turn are encouraged to circulate it – either electronically or by printing copies – to an even wider audience. The hope is that the very existence of such a forum for the dissemination of Latin verse will encourage readers to contribute.

The editor accepts submissions from all sources (students too), and will consider poems in a wide range of metrical forms.

February 24, 2010

La. Classicists active in the ACL

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Nathalie Roy of Episcopal in Baton Rouge notes:

In the most recent edition of ACL Classical Outlook, there are articles by three Louisiana classicists.

T. Davina McClain “Alphabet Algebra: How and When to Teach Greek Letters” (NSULA)

Wilfred E. Major and Albert Watanabe “The College Greek Exam” (LSU)

In addition, there is an article by a former Louisiana classicist, Georgia Irby-Massie (“Pleasant to Contemplate or Singing Under Suffering: Free Verse Composition and the Marriage of Popular Music with Greek Poetry”). The publication is edited and advised by three former Louisiana classicists, Mary English, Ken Kitchell, and Charlayne Allen. Current LA classicist Althea Ashe also advises. That’s pretty cool!!

December 5, 2009

Announcing a New Journal: Teaching Classical Languages

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Teaching Classical Languages ( is a peer-reviewed electronic journal dedicated to exploring how we teach (and how we learn) Latin and Greek. It is meant for all who teach Latin and Greek, graduate students, coordinators, and administrators. Teaching Classical Languages is the successor of CPL Online and is sponsored by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South.

The mission of Teaching Classical Languages is to provide accessible, high quality research that offers Latin and Greek teachers immediate classroom applicability and long-term theoretical approaches that can help them become better teachers.  As an electronic journal, Teaching Classical Languages has a unique global outreach. It offers authors and readers a multimedia format that more fully illustrates the topics discussed, and provides hypermedia links to related information and websites.

The first issue offers innovative articles about social networking in the Latin classroom, using music in beginning Greek, and core vocabulary in beginning Greek textbooks.  All three articles take advantage of online publication, offering screen shots, audio of the songs, handouts for the classroom, or appendices that list the common core vocabulary in two popular Greek textbooks.

Andrew Reinhard, “Social Networking in Latin Class: A How-To Guide”

Georgia L. Irby-Massie, “‘That Ain’t Workin’; That’s the Way You Do It’: Teaching Greek through Popular Music”

Rachael Clark, “Greek Vocabulary in Popular Textbooks”

Teaching Classical Languages welcomes articles offering innovative practice and methods, advocating new theoretical approaches, or reporting on empirical research in teaching and learning Latin and Greek.  Please take a moment to take a tour through the new journal and spread the word.

From an announcement on the latinteach listserv.

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