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May 6, 2010

Latinists in the LSU Reveille, 6 May 2010

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Several current LSU Latin students, including recent scholarship winner James Hamilton, participated in an article on local historical fighting clubs.

Fighters practice chivalry sport in Baton Rouge

By Elizabeth Clausen

Forget Fight Club — those who want to test their strength in battle need look no further than the Baton Rouge area.

Ordo Procinctus is a medieval-inspired fighting group fusing modern technique with the weapons-based style of the Middle Ages.

. . .

Ludus Tigridum offers students a chance to release their inner gladiators.

“The name means ‘School of the Tigers,’” said James Hamilton, Latin junior.

Hamilton started the group last year to promote classical studies through authentic Roman entertainment.


April 1, 2010

German University students to live like gladiators

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found via the Latinteach listserv, Latinteach Digest, Vol 183, Issue 5

student gladiators

University students to live like ancient Roman gladiators 29 Mar 2010

Twenty students from the University of Regensburg plan to live and train in the style of Roman gladiators from 79 AD and stage a battle for scientific research this summer, the project’s Bavarian organisers said on Monday.

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