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June 9, 2010

links of interest

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Kris Fletcher (LSU) points out a few recent op-ed pieces with classical themes from the New York Times:

History for Dollars by David Brooks

A Classical Education: Back to the Future by Stanley Fish

any thoughts on these matters?


March 31, 2010

Nero’s Golden Palace ceiling collapses

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found via the Latinteach listserv

Nero’s Golden Palace ceiling collapses due to rain

A large section of the ceiling has collapsed at Roman Emperor Nero’s famous 2000-year-old Golden Palace due to heavy winter rain.

The top of the Domus, which overlooks the Forum to one side and the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum to another, is covered with parks, trees and roads whose weight and polluting effect are a constant threat.

March 24, 2010

links, 24 March 2010

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  • Lava bread, anyone? (20 March 2010) via N. S. Gill’s Ancient History Blog

    “THE LAST patrons who stood at the L-shaped counter of Pompeii’s best-known snack bar eating the house-speciality – baked cheese smothered in honey – had to leave in a hurry owing to violent volcanic activity. But after an unforeseen break in business of 1,921 years, the former holiday hotspot of ancient Rome’s in-crowd will finally re-open for business tomorrow.”

  • All Things Greek: To Hellenic and Back (24 March 2010) thanks to Willie Major (LSU) for the heads-up

    “They’ve rallied, all right—going on strike and staging protests in the streets of Athens. Meanwhile, publishing houses and movie studios throughout the West enrich themselves with stories and characters drawn from the old Greek world: a boomlet of Hellenic novels and movies that culminates on April 2 with the big-budget 3-D remake of Clash of the Titans. I’d call all this appropriation ironic, but it would only rub salt in the wound: the Greeks invented irony too.”

February 24, 2010

La. Classicists active in the ACL

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Nathalie Roy of Episcopal in Baton Rouge notes:

In the most recent edition of ACL Classical Outlook, there are articles by three Louisiana classicists.

T. Davina McClain “Alphabet Algebra: How and When to Teach Greek Letters” (NSULA)

Wilfred E. Major and Albert Watanabe “The College Greek Exam” (LSU)

In addition, there is an article by a former Louisiana classicist, Georgia Irby-Massie (“Pleasant to Contemplate or Singing Under Suffering: Free Verse Composition and the Marriage of Popular Music with Greek Poetry”). The publication is edited and advised by three former Louisiana classicists, Mary English, Ken Kitchell, and Charlayne Allen. Current LA classicist Althea Ashe also advises. That’s pretty cool!!

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