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October 12, 2021

Preparations for NJCL Convention in Lafayette, LA

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In the summer of 2022, the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette will welcome the National Junior Classical League for its annual convention.  Plans are for the convention to be in-person.  Katherine Norton (Liberty Magnet High School, Baton Rouge and a State Chair for Louisiana Junior Classical League) is head of the local committee and she is calling on all Louisiana Classicists to volunteer their knowledge and expertise in three major areas.

First in particular, the convention offers several sessions of colloquia, short talks, presentations, or hands-on activities for the student participants.  Katherine is hoping to fill all the colloquia opportunities with Louisiana scholars.  In the past, colloquia have covered such diverse topics as Roman coinage ; Athletics and the Panhellenic Games ; Prophecy, Oracles, and Divination ; History and Mythology in the Comics ; Mythology and Astronomy ; the History of JCL ; Hoplite Warfare ; and even options for service projects.  Compensation comes in the form of an honorarium plus travel and expenses, or comped attendance at National Convention if you’d like to be there all week.  Please contact Katherine (LJCLSC AT gmail DOT com) if you would like to share some aspect of your teaching or research with interested high school students.

The local committee is also responsible for creating gift bags for the state chairs and chaperons who attend Nationals.  What Louisiana (ALL of Louisiana, not just the Lafayette area) institutions should we contact about asking for donations to fill our swag bags?  More importantly, are you willing to serve on the committee that writes the letter, or makes follow-up phone calls?  If you are that person, again, please contact Katherine (LJCLSC AT gmail DOT com), and she will put you in touch with the other members of the donation committee.

Lastly, there is one night on the National Convention schedule called “State Night,” where the delegates get a chance to have some local flavor injected into their convention experience.  A crawfish boil will probably not be feasible (who will teach all those children how to peel a crawfish?), but a catered jambalaya dinner seems possible.  Other ideas included Cajun dancing, a swampy petting zoo, and … that’s where we ran out of steam.  So please send your ideas for State Night activities to Katherine (LJCLSC AT gmail DOT com).  (Maybe someone owns a Mardi Gras float?)

There are some other minor volunteer opportunities : people to lift and carry boxes on delivery day ; student runners on check-in day to carry materials between the registration desk and the arriving delegations ; members of a decoration committee to beautify the stage for the General Assembly meetings ; and lastly, a choir director to work with the students in the chorus. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.  The local committee appreciates any assistance you can offer.

NJCL 2022 Convention information :

Cantantes licet usque (minus via laedit) eamus. 
Let us go singing as far as we go – the road will be less tedious.
Vergil, Eclogues 9.64


Early Arrival, July 24, 2022

Convention July 25-30, 2022

Where: University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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