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March 5, 2018

LJCL leadership – State of Emergency

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Please read this urgent message from our current Louisiana Junior Classical League State Chair:

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing this before convention and our Sponsor Meeting in order to give you time to seriously consider coming forward to become LJCL State Chair. My ongoing and serious health problems make it impossible for me to continue as State Chair after this year’s LJCL Convention. And because the term of our interim chair, Jessica Waddill, also expires at the close of convention, there will actually be TWO vacancies for State Chair.

If you have not been State Chair before, or if it has been a decade or so since you served, please consider serving. LJCL really needs you.

So that you can make an informed decision about being State Chair, I thought it would be helpful to spell out your responsibilities as well as the support you would have in performing this job.

Responsibilities- these are divided between the two state chairs as they see fit.
• Financial- The chairs are responsible for our bank account and will write checks, make payments throughout the year. I have updated our account so that you can be added onto the account quickly. You will receive mail, check sponsor’s payments for accuracy, and email confirmation receipts.
• State Board- You will supervise the State Board through the JCL year, convention to convention, maintaining regular contact with the State President especially. You should also plan on attending monthly meetings of the Board; these have been at various locations and are determined by the Board.
• National Convention- This is an amazing trip and an opportunity to know our Board and to grow professionally!
You will attend, at LJCL’s expense, National Convention in late July; this year it is in Oxford Ohio. You will arrange a side trip for the weekend before convention, travel by bus to and from convention, hotels during the side trip for the group. You will collect and manage the monies travelers pay for the side trip. Before NJCL convention and during it, you will coordinate with the NJCL office for the Louisiana Delegation.
• Membership
Using Google forms on our website, you will gather in and deposit each chapter’s state dues in the fall. Starting this year each chapter pays for their national membership and ACL through NJCL directly.
• Fall Forum- You will supervise the planning of this October event at the the State President’s school; you may have to contact that school to arrange its use. You attend this Saturday event and assist with set-up and take-down. Most of the work is done by the State Board.
• Certamen Tournaments- the past two years the Board has sponsored regional Certamen tournaments across the state. You will be needed to supervise, help arrange the venues, and to attend these.
• LJCL Convention- This is our biggest State event, usually the first or second week in March!
You will arrange and sign the contract with the hotel for convention, supervise the planning of convention from October though February, completing or delegating the many tasks on the list the Convention Chairs are working on for us; you will write checks for the hotel, the stipends for the Convention Chairs, for reimbursements to the State Board; at convention the State Chairs are the contact persons for the hotel and supervise the running of convention.
• The term of office-
According to our constitution, State Chairs serve a term of two years, although some have served longer.
Assistance – you are NOT on your own!
1. Jessica Waddill who very graciously is filling in as interim Chair has agreed to either mentor the new Chair(s) or to continue as one of the Chairs. Please know that she cannot attend National Convention, however.
2. The Convention Chairs are willing to aid in all aspects of LJCL Convention; they have worked very hard over the past two years to make the convention arrangements and convention itself run smoothly and predictably. They are also creating a document that will spell out exactly what jobs need to happen when in preparation for LJCL.
3. I can assist with National Convention issues- the pre-convention trip, registration, transportation, and the like. This year I have made the preliminary arrangements with the bus, hotels, and attractions and have made a cost sheet for the trip. There are also summer meetings to prepare our delegation for NJCL that you should try to attend.
4. Jessica, the Convention Chairs, and I are revising a document that spells out a month-by-month schedule of jobs so you can perform your job more effectively.

Please consider stepping up and becoming State Chair. If you have any questions about the job, feel free to contact me at 318-470-5636 or here at my email,

In amicitia,
Robert Gilchrist
LJCL State Chair


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