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June 28, 2013

Dispatches from ACL Institute day 1

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WP_000609 (1)Maggie Wrenn and Ann Ostrom drove from Baton Rouge to theUniversity of Memphis on Wednesday. Here is Ann’s report:

We did not participate in any pre-Institute workshops, but chose instead to find barbecue at Central BBQ.

WP_000612 (1)Sessions did not begin on Thursday until 1:30, so we took the opportunity to do some sightseeing. Graceland? Beale Street? Fie on these places. We happened upon Rhodes College and decided to wander around the grounds. The buildings were lovely Tennessee limestone (I think, I’m no geologist), and the campus library was full of cushy chairs and nooks for studying.

Then it was off to the Brooks Museum of Art, which houses some nice classical pieces, including a Roman Lar, a mosaic featuring the head of a bull, and a head of Nero. [pictures will follow later when internet connection is more reliable.]

American Classical League

American Classical League

After lunch, the sessions began, and the teaching resources and materials area opened! On the first day alone, presenters shared with their audiences such varied topics as themes and essential questions in the AP test, projects, Aphrodite in art in Boston, using technology, AP statistical results, report on online contests, kinds and strategies of assessment, and the image of home in the Aeneid. Something for almost everyone (a Greek topics will show up on Day 2).

I feel I learned or could adapt something from each of the workshops I saw that first day. AP remains a personal challenge to me, but I have a few new things I might like to try this year, and Bob Cape’s comments about student performance this year helped solidify some things about AP grading and scoring for me.

However, I now have to complain about the fact that, because I was attending some popular talks, I did not always receive a handout. Worse, very few people (but not none, so yay for the technocrats) said they could provide us with a link to the handout in some sort of cloud storage; most apologized and asked that we send an email to request a copy later. [As I write this in the middle of Day 2, this problem of handouts and lack of cloud sharing continues.]

We are not the only members of a Louisiana contingent; Willie Major is presenting on Greek on Day 2, and Dennis Webb is also here in his capacity as a committee member in the NJCL.

Another report on Day 2 will follow!


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