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February 27, 2012

Cambridge workshops

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Forwarded from Albert Watanabe (LSU)

Dear Teacher of Latin,

This summer the University of Cambridge School Classics Project is running three 3-day workshops covering the latest techniques and best practices for teaching school students to read Latin. At each workshop the tuition is available free of charge.

The University of Cambridge School Classics Project is part of the world-class Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge, UK, which was itself ranked as the world¹s leading university in 2011 and 2010. The Project first researched and developed a story-based reading approach over 40 years ago and through its own research, its work with professional language education researchers, and its discussions with thousands of teachers around the world, it ensures that its advice and training are firmly rooted in successful, evidence-based classroom practice. In the last decade its advances have led to a doubling in the number of schools which offer Latin in the UK.

Although the Project¹s work results in the Cambridge Latin Course, teachers of all reading courses will be welcome at the workshops and there will be no attempt to Osell¹ a particular Latin course. The aim is to support and develop teachers¹ skills in an environment that will support the teaching of any reading course. The workshop presenters are drawn from the US and the UK and are all highly experienced, successful school teachers of Latin.

The workshops will be held in Las Vegas (directly after the ACL Institute), Dallas (directly before the AP workshop) and New York (in early August) as follows:

  • Las Vegas: 1st ­- 3rd July
  • Dallas: 6th ­- 8th July
  • New York: 5th ­ – 7th August

Details of venues will be available shortly.

Tuition will be provided completely free of charge, so delegates will only need to pay for their travel, meals and accommodation. We have arranged the Las Vegas and Dallas workshops around the ACL Institute and AP workshops so that teachers may choose to attend two events but pay only one set of travel expenses.

During the workshops presenters and delegates will together investigate the following areas:

i) reading methodology: the aims of reading courses; theory and practice; planning at year level, chapter level and lesson level; teaching the various elements of a chapter
ii) digital technologies which enhance teaching and learning: Latin/Roman culture specific materials; DIY activities; hands-on practice and creation
iii) approaches to Roman culture: integration with Latin texts; stand-alone study of Roman culture; creation of activities
iv) assessment, reward and management: aims of assessment; assessment for learning; assessment for management; options for external assessment and reward.

Certification for 20 hours in-service training will be provided.

Courses are open to all teachers and to undergraduate and graduate students considering a career in teaching. If you would like to register your interest in one of these workshops, or if you have questions, please send a short email with your name, contact details and preferred location (Las Vegas, Dallas or New York) to

I would be grateful if you could also pass this information to colleagues who may be interested in the workshops.

With all best wishes,
Will Griffiths

Will Griffiths
School Classics Project
University of Cambridge


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