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September 13, 2010

show solidarity with USM Latin

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from Albert Watanabe, Secretary-Treasurer of Louisiana Classical Association:

As you probably know from the CAMWS announcement, the University of Southern Mississippi is proposing to eliminate Latin from its curriculum along with Mark Clark’s position. The LCA executive committee has drafted a letter of support to our neighbor USM. If you wish to “sign” the letter (attached), please reply to me by noon on Friday, Sept. 17th.

The letter of support:

Dear Dr. Saunders and Dr. Lyman:

The Louisiana Classical Association (LCA) wishes to express its grave concern about the recommendation to eliminate Latin and German from the University of Southern Mississippi curriculum. LCA’s membership consists of faculty across the state at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. Members have long admired and appreciated USM’s strong national reputation and fear its standing is at risk with this decision, and this at a time when the reputation of the South’s universities across the board is already threatened by budgetary and economic pressures.

The study of Latin and the Classics has formed the core of this liberal arts tradition. It is a tradition that links us to our past linguistically and historically; it engages students to critically engage with great books word by word; it compels them “to think outside of the box.” The study of Latin plays such an important role in educating students not only in their own traditions but also in challenging them to place their studies in a broader and more global context.

Therefore we urge you not to eliminate Latin and German and maintain USM’s long liberal arts tradition, now in its centennial year.

To digitally sign the letter, please send your confirmation to Albert via email: awatan AT lsu DOT edu


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  1. from Anne Groton at CAMWS:

    Update on Situation at the University of Southern Mississippi

    Mark Clark reports that the Provost has admitted that the Classics program at USM actually makes money for the university, unlike other programs that were cut. The decision to cut Classics will be reevaluated in the next two weeks. Mark urges you to “pour on the steam”! He writes, “Latin seems to be gaining support–almost daily–from various departments, history and political science in particular, besides foreign languages, and the Dean…When this is over, I’m going to have lots of people to thank, but for now please let people know that we appreciate their letters and that they have made a strong impression upon the administration.”

    Comment by Ann Ostrom — September 22, 2010 @ 5:09 pm | Reply

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