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June 8, 2010

LSU Latin (still) needs your help!

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From Wilfred Major (LSU):

I apologize to those of you who receive multiple versions of information as we try to get the word out:

As you have likely heard, Chancellor Martin at LSU has announced plans to terminate the Latin and German majors and severely cut foreign language offerings in general, including in Classics. The Chancellor’s recommendations must yet be approved by the Board of Supervisors at their July meeting and then by the Board of Regents.

Everyone is wondering what to do next, of course. Here are a couple of options:

I. As part of our attempt to avert these cuts, we are engaged in a letter writing campaign in support of the program. If you want to write a letter, you can:

1) Write a letter to Chancellor Martin (

2) Write a letter to the Board of Supervisors addressed to the Chair, Mr. Chatelain ( and/or the supervisor elected from your district, You can also send a copy of your letter to each individual member of the board. The full list is available online (

If the recommendation continues on to the Board of Regents, we expect to send these letters to them, and you may do so yourself if you wish.

II. Contact other friends, alumni and students of foreign languages to write letters, anyone who will be a helpful supporter. It does not have to be anything elaborate.

Johanna Sandrock ( and Wilfred Major ( are archiving these letters for the department, so it would be helpful if you sent a copy to one of them.

III. Share ideas and inspiration!

best wishes,
Willie Major

PS: If you are on Facebook, there is a “Save LSU’s Latin Major” group.


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