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May 13, 2010

dipping into the Archives

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What was happening in Classics in Louisiana back in 1992?  Our newsletter tells us, among other things:

  • M. J. Schexnayder and his Latin Classes at Slidell High School were translating sentences to raise  money for the LCA scholarships
  • Episcopal hosted an annual Middle School Latin Fest
  • Ken Kitchell and Moffitt Aycock presented a workshop for the SERC network entitled “Culture in the Latin Classroom.”
  • Elizabeth Hall’s Latin II students at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts received Gold Medals for their performance on the National Latin Exam.
  • Jean D’Amato was awarded Mildred Hart Bailey Research Award by Northwestern State University CURIA (Council of University Research Institute Administration)
    1 rabbit fryer
    1 pint honey
    2 eggs
    1 c. milk
    2 c. pl. bread crumbs
    salt/blk. pepper to taste
    Bake the salted and peppered rabbit, tossed in honey and olive oil, in a 450 degree oven; debone and chop fine. Add eggs, milk, bead crumbs and seasoning to taste.  Mix well and form into balls. Cook again in 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.  Take out and pour remaining honey over them while cooling.  Serve warm. Excellent appetizer.
    * (Great) Balls of Hare!
    [Editor’s note: “Portia” is Jane Poynter. LCA members attending the 1985 meeting enjoyed this dish, contributed to the Roman Foods Contest by an Istrouma High student.)
  • finally, a list of the current membership:
    • Charlayne Allan
    • Althea Ashe
    • Moffitt Aycock
    • Phillip Barnes
    • Emily Batinski
    • Martha Beveridge
    • Charlene Crawley
    • Gary Crump
    • Jean D’Amato
    • Robert Edgeworth
    • Dan Erickson
    • Carlos Fandal
    • R. M. Frazer
    • Karl Frerichs
    • Pat Giangrosso
    • Scott Goins
    • Dennis Kehoe
    • Bee Johnson
    • Elizabeth Hall
    • Ken Kitchell
    • Ray Kuhn
    • Joanie Kulage
    • C. Wade Meade
    • Lea Olsan
    • Marge Olson
    • Jane Poynter
    • Adele St. Martin
    • M. J. Schnexnayder
    • Penny Wells
    • Yuri Weydling

Enjoy this little trip down memory lane?  Please leave a comment or a remembrance here, or socialize at our new forum.


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  1. Ann,
    Thanks for the archived memories. Was that REALLY 18 years ago? Seems like yesterday! Seeing the list of then-current members brought up many emotions — among which were gratefulness for the continued association of so many long-term friends, and sadness for the ones who have passed.

    Comment by Althea Ashe — May 13, 2010 @ 3:55 pm | Reply

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